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Shabby chic inspirations


Shabby chic inspirations

Welcome to Rachel Ashwell's world: as beautiful as it is comfortable, as inspiring and spontaneous as it is practical and personal. Here Rachel shares her inspirations and her humour, celebrates the charm of the old and demonstrates how interiors touched with her magic transcend fashionable trends. Rachel takes us to homes in the US – from a shabby shack on Malibu's oceanfront to a ranch on the wide, open spaces of Texas, to the wooded hills of the Catskills and to Sharon Osbourne's Hollywood home – and in the UK – from a houseboat and a city townhouse to a centuries old manor house deep in the country, and her own London flat. All the houses, regardless of size or location, embody Rachel's ethos and share the same qualities: a respect for beautiful objects from the past, an extravagant sense of comfort and an eye for the unexpected. All are inviting, artistic, soulful, beautiful and perfectly imperfect.