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Miss Floosie & the Floosette's

It's so nice that you are having a wee look at our site and trying to glean a little bit about us. 


We have been living this dream for the last nine years and feel like a staple in Silverdale Village after all these years.  We know you will enjoy your shopping experience with us because we always have quirky new and wonderful things in store to tantalise your senses and help you see the latest in design and clothing options. 

'Floosie' well it's a catchy name but what about the meaning, it could make your hair curl if you look up the meaning! Here I am Miss Floosie a good little Baptist girl married to my teenage boyfriend, so I'm not that sort of 'Floosie'.  I like to think of myself as having a slightly naughty sense of humour and I just love cool houses and colourful people., that's why I love you customers so much. 

My world is filled with them and lovely hubby's, fiance's & boyfriends to my kids.

The Floosette's are my team that make me look good and are here to help you make your decisions on gifts and clothing.  We have Heidi a bit of a style queen, Kim clothes lover & great shopper,  Pip our classic chic comedian & Tracy is just so jolly nice.   Every week there is lots of spit, polish & styling that goes in to make us & our store look sharp for you, so we can serve you well.