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We're Still Smiling - I hope you are!

Posted on August 27 2020


Well I might be looking laid back here but the truth is I am feeling it like you all.  With Floosie closed again we are all worried how things will go!  Fingers crossed we can open our doors next week.  Best thing is, we do have a shop full of goodies for you to enjoy!


 We have done a Father's Day collection to help give you ideas for Dad!  The best presents of course are Brekky in bed, favourite dinners & a really nice card with great words to tell him what a great guy he is!





Lovely Heidi Is usually in store on Monday's and is a true Floosette having been with us from the start.  Heidi loves fashion and can always make something look fabulous out of next to nothing.  We love her style and this is why we get her to dress our Mannequin's, if you ever want fashion advice, pop in on a Monday and she will help you get the look you are after. She has a full house with her lovely family over this lockdown as well as a new Puppy Marlo so it's a bit of mad house!  Comes to work for a rest!


Miss Floosie News

Well the last three weeks, I've been hanging on to your online orders to perk me up each day and it surely has.  It's so lovely to get feedback so I wanted to share a lovely email I received from a customer from last week.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for one, being open during level 3 so that I could get a present for my daughters friend,(and something for myself), but also for popping a little birthday card in even though I hadn’t ordered it, as I drove away from picking up the package I was silently kicking myself because I had forgotten to buy a card, and then when I got home I found that you had been forward thinking for me, as well as very generous to have popped one in any way for me" Marsha

We are really trying to share the love, thanks so much for sticking by us and shopping online and hopefully we can be back in store next week.  

We are so sad our neighbour of five years 'Hello Darling' has had to move out (Nasty Landlord, I hope nobody knows him) of her store as her lease came to an end.  We will miss her and her girls very much, it has been lovely time, we will remember.  Clare is moving to a lovely bright new store not far away so we can all visit her and enjoy her new store at 7/177 Millwater Parkway, Millwater. Opening very soon!