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We love to have a laugh - do you?

Posted on August 02 2021

In May this year I visited 'The Happy place' it was a maze of rooms, featuring larger than life immersive installations designed to help you find your happy place.  I loved these chains they reminded me of go go girls from the 70's.  It was all about having a bit of fun!

I love to hear customers chuckle in store, two friends will point out a funny card, coaster or notebook and comment on which friend they think this would suit.  It's all about relaxing and enjoying the shopping experience in store.   A cheeky card, or a fun poking coaster lightens everyone up and gives you a laugh!


Miss Floosie News

Pinch me, I can't believe this is happening!  My son Andy & his wife Jade have been living & teaching in Malaysia.  They surprised us and came home for their six week holidays in June, we were so happy to have them home and knew they were planning to return to Malaysia to have their baby, due in August.  Because of the covid situation in Malaysia they have been given leave from their school to stay and have the baby here.  We are so delighted and can't wait for baby cuddles arriving in the next couple of weeks. 
We had to cancel our annual Floosie trip to Melbourne for Life Instyle again this year, like so many our travel plans are on hold for another year.  I have planned a secret getaway in NZ for my Floosie girls to keep them inspired, I will tell you all about once the secret is out.
Meantime, we have some exciting new products & spring clothing coming in over the next month.   The website is kept updated so it's easy for you to see what is new in store.
We do love to see you in store and love sharing our lives with you all.
Thanks for supporting our small business.