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I'm a bit Bonkers!

Posted on December 15 2020

If you know me well you will get this 'I'm a bit bonkers' as I always love a laugh! It's what drew me to my husband many years ago, my kids can't believe I still laugh at all his dumb jokes.  Anyway I hope you are all finding things to smile about at this time of year as you gather together with family & friends to celebrate the season and look for special gifts for those nearest & dearest. 


Open 7 days now til Christmas
Shower bombs, Palm Beach Candles, Christmas decorations, Jewellery & Summery clothes for your holidays! We have lovely papers, ribbon & twine to wrap your gifts so they are all ready to give. 


Every year we try to delight you with something new for Christmas these Standing deer were just too cute to miss.  Shower bombs a new idea which have been popular. They just smell amazing in your shower.


Miss Floosie News

I'm doing my best to keep the shop stocked with beautiful gifts, we have had to patiently wait for some stock, thankfully it's all arriving and it looks like we will be having deliveries right up until Christmas! We enjoyed seeing you on our late Christmas shopping night, it's a great start to this silly season. Thank you for popping in so often, it's a fun time of the year so lovely to see you all.