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I can't stop eating these cookies!

Posted on March 05 2021

I blame a lovely customer who came in raving about Charlotte's Chewy Choc Chunk Cookie Baking Box from Magnolia Kitchen. She planted the idea in my head that these would be totally delicious.  As we have family dinners once a week I thought this would be a grand idea as a sweet treat after dinner.  The family were all coming on Sunday (12 of us) for a soccer tournament.  So on Saturday night I baked a batch to be all ready for Sunday, when they all love to eat whatever I can cook up.  Sadly lockdown was sprung on us so the tournament was cancelled and I was left with a tin of cookies, and well they are just pretty hard to resist!  All I can say is be warned if you grab the box it will be hard to stop! Scroll down to see a family favourite recipe I make. Apricot/Almond cake It's a winner every time!
 In our last short lockdown 3.0, I made the most of it and painted our store for four days carefully working my way around the store packing up and covering up stock so as not to drip paint everywhere.  It looks so fresh and we have more renovations to come.  New seasons clothing from Coop & Elk have arrived, shoes, boots, jewellery & homewares! Check out our new arrivals to keep up with what's arriving in store.
Here is a cute craft activity to do at home to keep little ones busy - make a little house for toy animals or dolls.  It's a fun way to upcycle up any boxes and scrap paper you have lying around too. 
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 Apricot/Almond cake recipe
150g butter, a few drops of almond essence, 1 cup castor sugar, 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of flour, 2 tsps baking powder, 1 tin apricots (450g) 2 tbsp demeria sugar, slithered almonds. Preheat oven to 160c melt butter, sugar, eggs, add essence, sift flour & bp, spread half mixture in a tin, cover with drained apricots. Put the rest of the mix on top.  sprinkle with demeria sugar & almonds. Bake for about an hour. Good as a dessert also with plums. (recipe from a lovely customer) 
Miss Floosie News

Thanks so much for shopping even though we are in lockdown it keeps us going and we are grateful you even think of us.  We are using the time well ordering new fresh stock, keeping on with our shop renovations & keeping our chins up buttercup!  
We will open this Sunday if the lockdown lifts and we would love to see you in
store.  Open 10 til 3.