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Good Taste is a matter of opinion

Posted on March 31 2021

I wonder what your taste is? Everyday as I chat to people, I realise they have their taste in mind when shopping, this can be hard for them if they have to buy for a friend who has a different taste from them.  Tastes vary some like pretty, plain, black or colourful.  Practical, hot (as in smoking hot), loose or comfortable!  Thoughtful, expensive, budget conscious or sustainable. We are such a mixed bunch which is refreshing and that is why we bring you such a variety in store.  I appreciate good taste and try to bring you the best on offer in a variety of tastes.
Last week I was choosing Spring fashions from Trelise Cooper in Auckland for the next season, there was frills and plains, short & long, full & fitting shapes & lots of emerald greens & lilac.  It's always an experience to visit them and I loved their foyer display in some of the new seasons Spring colours.  Particularly pretty was a couch slipcovered in Lilac linen and styled with wisteria.  Very tasteful I thought!
Easter has been our theme this past month, with cute bunnies, eggs in all shapes, soft toy bunnies, moss covered bunnies & Easter cards.



Bringing Easter fun

Ceramic eggs, glass eggs, chickens & moss bunnies, we have even had a Easter egg hunt in store.

Yum chocolate eggs

We don't actually sell you the chocolate but cute vessels to pop an egg or two in.  Soft toy rabbits have also been popular for little ones and Nana's don't get in trouble for buying too much chocolate!

Coop by Trelise Cooper

Coop this season has pretty skirts & shirts, sweatshirt dresses & trackies in pretty colours.  

Colourful racks 

Knits from Elk & Nineteen (our new label) Tinker Tailor linen dresses, tops and pants.




Happy Easter to you all what ever you are up to we hope you enjoy it with family and friends and have a wee break from work.

Miss Floosie news

My family & friends have so many tastes Boho, op shop, minimal, eclectic, designer, botanical, french & family.
Whatever your taste run with it, love what you have in your home and share it with others. 
We love that you are all different and you bring flavour & happiness to our store.  We so appreciate you shopping with us.