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Do these three things in your home and it will always look fresh!

Posted on November 06 2017

Do these three things in your home and it will always look fresh!

Cut flowers.

I buy these each week at the local Silverdale market.   Roses, eucalyptus leaves, I've even used kale cabbages (they smell a bit after a week), or I fossick down the back of my property for monstera leaves, hydrangeas or azaleas. I have large and small vases, old milk bottles, jugs, vintage cups and modern blown glass vases.  I have a rusty old metal crate on my kitchen bench with plants & herbs in.  Potted annuals in pots adding colour to the bench. 

Use colour

Bring colour into the lounge & family rooms using cushions with texture, soft velvets, tufted, or just clashing colours.  They add a softness to your room along with throws, sherpa, velvet, cotton or vintage.   Mix it up, it saves on heating bills in winter and makes the place look lived in.

House entrance

Give it some personality.  I have gnomes at my front door with pots and a Hello sign, coloured tiles and creeper that is threatening to take over the house.  This all welcomes people to my own special place.  Give people something to look at and you break down barriers and help people to know the real you!  

Hello Miss Floosie here

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