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Do you ever panic about what to wear?

Posted on July 05 2021

I guess you know the feeling of panicking about what to wear to an event especially when you know fabulous people are going be there.   I used to feel intimidated by the thought of going to fashion houses like Trelise Cooper to buy for the next season.   However,  to my relief along with young gorgeous girls on reception they also have a team of ladies my age who are groovy & fabulous, they are all sizes and that totally puts me at ease and makes me love the experience.  This is Heidi and I on their couch soaking up the atmosphere which is not intimidating at all.


Winter is here and we have filled our store with colour.  We have potted cyclamens for that small gift in our rustic pots. Colourful jumpers, boots, slippers, hats & bags.  Bright & breezy towels, bathmats & hand towels.  Plenty to brighten up your home & wardrobe. 



Jony & I had a Roaring 20's weekend at the Chateau recently check out the YouTube video if you are interested.  Such a fun winters weekend.  Loved swanning around the hotel, sipping in front of the big fire, meeting new friends, dancing the night away & dressing up one of my all time favourite things to do.

Miss Floosie News

Floosie has had a busy winter thanks to many of you being so supportive and popping in a lot.  I have been buying a lot to keep you enthused with all we have to offer.  We love wrapping your gifts in our lovely papers adding twine & ribbon & generally trying to make it all look fabulous for you.  Thankfully we have a stream of new clothing arriving, actually don't even remember what I have ordered but can report not many lemons have arrived!
Love to see your smiley faces in store!