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Where I get my inspiration

Posted on November 06 2017

Where I get my inspiration

I love interior books, as they say a picture paints a thousand words.  I love flicking through images in books & magazines and see how people put together their homes.  My favourite magazines are Inside Out & Real living.  I'm always excited when these come in the post, I wait for some me time before opening them, so I can soak it all in with a nice cup of tea.

Currently I am into gardening and plants so 'Botanical style' by Selena Lake and 'Cut Flower garden' by Erin Benzakein are my favourites.  I've never tried growing crysanthemums before so this book is my inspiration.  It is inspiring me to try some gardening, I recently was given tulip bulbs for my birthday so I have  planted these up, hoping they will sprout and make a gorgeous display.

Cut flower garden book 

Time out and getting away

 If I am planning a trip I look for interesting houses with that special something about them, recently we stayed in Kahuranaki overlooking the Tuki tuki river in one of the first straw bale houses to be built in New Zealand, I swear you could have been in France or Italy, with this 80 year old black olive tree, shading an enormous verandah complete with large drapes.  You could draw the drapes to shade the sun from your eyes. (how romantic)  

The house had lovely thick walls and deep set window reveals because of the straw bale construction. The wooden floors had been recycled from an old Stock & Station agents building and gorgeous wooden joinery made this home reek with character.  

Me & my girls not to mention Molly & Buddy all loved the claw foot bath which took no time at all to fill because of the old tap which filled the bath in minutes.  Pumus stones & loofers were all set in an old tin bowl by the bath so you could have a good old scrub.

Linen bedcovers, bookshelves, sheepskin rugs & beautiful bed linen made this a luxury stay. I particularly liked the clever way they had just used a long length of linen and had thrown it over a curtain pole, letting the fabric pool on the floor, the curtains actually moved effortlessly across the window.  Check them out on 'Kahuranaki'. where you will see all the other rooms and how they have styled these. Totally groovy!

When you stay in someone's house and you can feel the love and thought that has gone into the spaces you feel energised by them and it keeps you going long after your days away.







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