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Are you any good at spoiling yourself?

Posted on June 02 2021

Last month I did just that, I spoilt myself as it was my birthday.  This is me looking very at home at 'The Convent Hotel' in Grey Lynn a boutique hotel which actually was an old convent but had been left to ruin until these wonderful people had a vision and brought it back to life, not as a convent but as a beautiful place to stay.  Check it out if you want a city getaway, its brilliant and the restaurant Ada is very special.  
We've got winter woolies in store, jumpers, hats, fingerless mittens and merino tulle's. Beautiful blankets with fat fringes, towels, bathmats & hand towels from Rachel Castle in luscious colours to brighten your bathroom.  Books for inspiration & new pots for your indoor plants.  Follow our stories on instagram for daily updates of what is super cool in store.
Here's the lovebirds on a fun day out at The Happy Place.  Take your kids or grandies it's so much fun!

Miss Floosie News

Thanks to those of you who bought some vintage pieces on Mother's Day week, we raised over $500 for the Aroha Project in Cambodia. I'm hoping you all know how to spoil yourselves a bit, have some fun and enjoy friends and family over this winter time.
Always grateful that you keep popping in and shopping, it makes Floosie a happy place to be.