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All About Rosie

Posted on April 13 2022

Rosie was our neighbour, she owned the house next door, Rosie was elderly and quite a character, she used to enjoy our Christmas drinks with the neighbours and Jony used to walk her home at the end of the night. Rosie had this little cottage in her back yard behind her house which she kept for her family for the holidays. It was pretty dilapidated when we purchased this property at auction 7 years ago.  We re built the cottage and named it Rosie's. This is the veranda which has a cute sea view of Stanmore Bay. Our children have enjoyed living in it on their returns from overseas, and friends are currently temporarily living here. There is nothing I like better than renovating old houses and giving them new life. Floosie gives me inspiration for renovations with all our lovely homewares. If you are renovating or zhooshing up your house, have a look at our Homewares for inspiration.



I just had one day to enjoy being in Rosie's cottage before the new house sitters arrived, so I had a cup of tea in the sun.  Cute yellow formica table came home with me from France a couple of years ago. The window seat was the best way to utilise the small space.  We used grooved panelling to line the walls & wicker lampshades to give it the cottage feel. As you can see we are totally into houses, clothes and everything to make you feel good.


We have recovered from our flood and have the shop full of winter delights from clothing to homewares full of colour and delight.Wishing you all an amazing Easter. We are open just the Saturday.Stay safe, we have an exciting few weeks planned in the lead up to Mother's Day so will keep you posted with our stories on instagram, we hope you enjoy our funny reels as well.Thankyou for your overwhelming support, shopping with us and keeping us happy!