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13 Years - We're Still Here!

Posted on May 16 2022

It's our birthday 13 years & we're still here!

Crikey with Covid 19 lockdowns, a flood & a new landlord we have had a few challenges! You can't keep a good girl down though and we are just thriving and doing our thing, loving our days in store thanks to you lovely customers, some have been with us from the start, (thanks for sticking with us, many have become friends) and we also welcome all you new customers and hope you feel right at home with us.

I'm no one trick pony.  
I have a gorgeous team of Floosette's to help me.


Heidi & Kim who have been on this journey with me for most of these years. They are the  best right hand women you could ever have! They run the store like their own, they love our products and you customers and make Floosie a happy place to shop. Talented and warm they will make you feel relaxed as you shop.
Meet Katelyn who does in store styling, is a reel maker & label scout (she's my daughter in law as well). Jen who keeps our website looking cool, updates all our new stock and does our stories on instagram.  These are the young Floosette's that help stop us being too Nana! We enjoy their input and are so grateful to have them.



I do hope you will pop in this week to say hi, have some cake & check out our lovely new arrivals.  Discounts are online and in store, just think about that lovely linen and clothing, tempting isn't it. We did donate lots of our flood damaged stock to very deserving young mum's, the rest is up for grabs when you make a purchase this week.  Come in and have some fun with us.