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  • You Could Win a $50 Voucher during Lockdown

    Oct 24 2021

    Welcome if you are new to our newsletters, we are always trying to inspire you with gorgeous gifts, homewares & clothes. We are turn...

  • Secret is Out!

    Oct 24 2021

    At long last I can tell you what I have been dreaming about for the past few months.I had always loved and enjoyed this colourful linen ...

  • You can help us!

    Aug 31 2021

    You really can help us, you really can!  At this stage we will not be able to open our doors for four weeks and we are feeling it, ...

  • We love to have a laugh - do you?

    Aug 02 2021

    In May this year I visited 'The Happy place' it was a maze of rooms, featuring larger than life immersive installations designed to help...

  • Do you ever panic about what to wear?

    Jul 05 2021

    I guess you know the feeling of panicking about what to wear to an event especially when you know fabulous people are going be there.   ...